Taking Down ’15 Reasons Why I’m Not A Feminist’

I encounter number 10 a lot. Oft used by people who talk of women “playing the victim card”, as if structural oppression were akin to a game of Snap.


So there’s a woman in America (where else) called Anna Senneff who believes that ‘third wave of feminism has gone too far’. She’s sick of Hillary Clinton running her mouth off about unnecessary and trivial things like, umm….’women’s issues’ and all that bollocks. Probably something about periods and vaginas, amirite? So Senneff wrote a list of 15 reasons why she isn’t a feminist. And because I’m a writer aka I’m basically unemployed, I am going to spend my Tuesday afternoon TAKING HER DOWN. Enjoy.


  1. Because I think that despite men having a more privileged role historically, men’s rights and issues are something we can’t ignore.

Men’s rights aren’t ignored. That is the whole bloody point *claws own face off with rage*. I will literally go to my grave chanting ‘feminism is about EQUALITY’.

  1. Because I don’t want to identify with a cause that has built its foundation on the idea…

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